My Paris Bucket List

Whenever I go to Paris I somehow can’t help but spend my time doing everything that I have already done. Multiple times. Here’s my bucket list for when I eventually branch out (and in some instances-win the lotto!)

1) Climb the towers of Notre Dame

This attraction is one of the few that requires hardcore determination due to the fact that the queues are crazy. I attempted queuing once but got distracted by a creperie across the street and abandoned ship. Climbing the towers of Notre Dame may take hours of queuing but the view looks stunning (on Google Images anyway!).

2) Go to a cookery class at Le Cordon Bleu Paris

I love cooking and am determined to find out the secret to making macarons. Le Cordon Bleu is world renowned and its Paris branch run all kinds of cookery classes. Check them out here.

3) Have afternoon tea at either the Four Seasons/ Le Bristol

Given that I will never ever be able to stay in either five star hotel, afternoon tea is the next logical step. I am equally obsessed with both hotels ever since I went for a stroll in both of them (embarrassing confession)- they are absolutely gorgeous and both have relatively affordable afternoon tea menus- here is the Four Seasons’ menu and here is Le Bristol’s

4)  Visit Pere Lachise cemetery

Because what other way to spend a day in the beautiful Paris than “connect” with the dead? Jokes aside, this cemetery is home to many famous graves-Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and some previous French presidents. It’s located in Montmartre and I’m determined to visit.


What’s on your to-do list in Paris?

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