Working at Disneyland Paris- What I Loved


Hi everyone!


This post is intended to follow on from yesterday’s post about the things I didn’t like about working at Disneyland- you can read it here. I hope it’s slightly more positive account of my Disneyland experience!

Here’s the things I loved about working at Disneyland:


  • The Paris proximity!

I LOVE Paris. If I had my way I’d be living my life in a fabulous apartment Rue De Rivoli, but unfortunately that estate agent hasn’t got back to me yet. Ahem. Working in Disneyland Paris allowed me to live around 45 minutes from the city centre, which was excellent. My two days off a week were spent exploring Paris and developing a real relationship with the city. This was definitely my favourite aspect of the job and my Instagram account probably owes 50% of its likes to this reason!

  • The immediate improvement to your CV

Despite the fact that I was essentially working in a French McDonalds (I worked in a fast food restaurant and a kitchen in Disneyland), working in Disneyland does add a unique element to your CV. The fact that you work using different languages, with people from different cultures and in the tourist industry impresses many employers. Go forth and get employed!

  • The “cast member” perks

After working in the park for a month you’ll receive free passes for your friends to visit. This enabled my friends to come visit me and experience the park for themselves, which they probably wouldn’t have done otherwise due to the expense of it. Working at Disney also entitles you to 25% off everything inside the park- restaurants, bars and merchandise. Hence why I bought seven teddies-it was a good idea at the time.

  • The friendships

Working at Disneyland enables you to befriend people from all over the world. It really is a fabulous experience in that regard alone- I’m still in contact with many of the fabulous humans that I had the pleasure of meeting at Disneyland.


Please feel free to comment with any queries! Merci.




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