Trip report: Marrakech, Morocco


“I’m not going to Marrakech, I’d probably catch malaria or get kidnapped by Aladdin.”


Such were the typical responses when I proposed a trip to Marrakech to a few friends. Many sighs and hours spent wondering if solo female travel in Africa was safe later, I managed to round up three other friends to go on a weekend to Marrakech.

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Junior Cert French- Sample Note 2013 Paper


You arrive in school one morning with no French homework done. You decide to write a short note in French to your teacher to explain. In your note, tell him/her – that you haven’t done your homework and you’re sorry – that you left your schoolbag on the bus – that you will buy a new French book tomorrow.


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Junior Cert French- Comprehension Recipe Question

The recipe question is a comprehension question that appears quite regularly on the Junior Cert paper. You need to know food vocabulary- make sure you know these very well as food vocab can also appear on the aural exam too! In the meantime, here’s the most common verbs that are asked on the question- LEARN! 🙂
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