French activities in Dublin


I thoroughly enjoy all things French. Apart from the slow administration and sometimes overly “friendly” males. When I moved back to Ireland after fifteen months of living in France I did miss certain aspects of la vie francaise and I’m pretty sure my bone density has dramatically reduced due to reduced cheese consumption.

Here are a few ways of injecting a bit of French into your life in Dublin.

I’ve never actually done this tour but I certainly plan to someday. The tour is organised by Ketty, a French lady living in Dublin. She also has a fabulous blog that you can read here. The tours cost €45 and receives positive Tripadvisor reviews. While the tour doesn’t exclusively  focus on French food in Dublin, the fact that they are ran by a French lady gives you the opportunity to converse in French. If doing the tour isn’t an option I’d recommend checking out her blog here– gorgeous recipes and beautiful photography sont à la carte!

  • Visit French restaurants

Ladurée, the famous French patisserie is a recent addition to the Dublin food scene. Previously there was a small Ladurée stall in Brown Thomas, which still remains, but the new restaurant on South William Street offers a sit-in option to facilitate people watching while consuming dangerous amounts of macarons. Nearby these is Le Petit Parisien– a beautiful boulangerie that looks (and taste) like a carbon copy of French bakeries. Other restaurants to essayer include The Green Hen and La Maison. Bon appétit! 

  • Meet French people

Who knows, you might meet your husband/ wife? Or just learn the difference between “tu” and “vous”… sometimes it’s the small victories in life. Language exchanges are a fabulous way to meet people from other countries and improve your language skills in the process. Here is a French language exchange group in Dublin. I’d also recommend becoming involved in L’Alliance Francaise. They run language courses if you’re interested in learning French- you can see their website for prices. Otherwise, they run various cultural events that include cinema clubs, writing projects and French themed weeks. All information is on their website. Finally, if you’re in a university always remember to join their French society. They will run events like movie nights, French themed breakfasts and conversation classes and most importantly give you the opportunity to meet fellow French lovers. I was on the French society committee for my university and I loved it. Still waiting on the free society tshirt however. And the French boyfriend.

I first went to see a French film in the Irish Film Institute last year with a friend (who was a member) and I loved it. It’s located right in the city centre and the cinema itself is gorgeously comfortable. It also has a lovely little restaurant in it which is useful for some pre-film fuel! There is an annual French film festival (in 2015 it was in November) and there’s plenty of films to choose from during this week. Maybe even Ámelie will make an appearance.


If you know of any other French friendly activities in Dublin please leave a comment!


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  1. A nice French Friendly activity is to read ( 🙂 A french online Newspaper for French Speaking expatriates in Ireland . Cheers . Gael


  2. the Alliance francaise is also a great place for those studying French at any level.A brilliantly resourced recently renovated library with a huge range of online francophone resources.great for teachers and students alike.
    also la cocotte resatuarant.worth a visit.
    Right in the heart of Dublin


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