Advice for working in Disneyland Paris

Hi all!

Going to continue on from yesterday’s post about my work in Disneyland Paris. I hope it’s of some help to any of you who are either interested in going to work there or have received a contract.


Potentially a sore point. When I worked there, there were two accommodation complexes- namely “La Boiserie” and “Les Pleiades.” The main difference between the two is that in “La Boiserie” an apartment was shared between four people, whereas in “Les Pleiades” the apartment is shared between two people. Particulary in the case of “Les Pleiades,” where I stayed on both occasions when I worked there, I must emphasise the need to take the word “apartment” lightly. It is literally a studio apartment consisting of one shared room with two beds and a tiny kitchenette. There is also a small bathroom.  A major drawback with this type of accommodation is the real lack of personal space, particularly at a time where you may be homesick. On another note, there is also the potential for “cultural difficulties” with your roommate. I was lucky enough to have two fabulous roommates, but I did hear a few horror stories about those who hated their roommate. You may also have clashing work start/end times with your roommate and you may get woken up against your will at ungodly hours of the morning/ night! I understand that the other accommodation “La Boiserie” is no longer used, and according to some of my friends who worked there last year, there is now a slight shortage of accommodation at Disneyland. Some apart-hotels are rented out in nearby areas (such as Torcy- a suburb near Disneyland) and the accommodation is essentially the same as “Les Pleiades”- ie it is a small shared studio apartment. It’s also worth mentioning that the accommodation is not actually in Disneyland itself, nor is it walking distance- you will have to get a bus to work each morning. Luckily, the bus services in France are generally very reliable-they even collected me on time for work on Christmas day! 😉 A final point- the accommodation is not free; it is around €300 a month, which works out at around 25% of your wages. Internet isn’t free either and it’s also a pretty weak connection. I hope that this didn’t come across as overly negative- I really just wanted to give an honest outlook of the accommodation on offer. Please feel free to ask any further questions in comments!


There are a great variety of jobs available at Disneyland; ticketing, working on the rides, working on stalls, working in shops or working in restaurants. On my first stint during the Christmas season, I worked in a fast food restaurant. During summer I worked in a kitchen in a pizza restaurant. You can actually request a particular job (for example in a shop) at the interview stage, but I personally didn’t. There are various rumours about the “best” job available, but generally those in the “Walt Disney Studios” are preferable as this park closes earlier, thus giving you an earlier finishing time. Many of the “boutiques” are also a good option as these often close earlier than many of the restaurants, giving you a better variety of return bus times.  Unfortunately both of my restaurants opened extremely early and closed very late, meaning some “varied” work hours and some extremely early starts! I think that the main thing to bear in mind when working in Disneyland Paris is that the work isn’t going to be magical. Point blank. Although I had plenty of enjoyable days at work, I was still essentially working in a normal fast food restaurant- bringing out bins, washing floors and cleaning up. (Nadal did turn up in work one day, but that was my day off. Triste). That said, many of the others working in “sit down” restaurants often received generous tips from diners! If I have forgotten anything please feel free to ask in comments- I’d be more than pleased to help! 🙂



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