Leaving Cert French- Aural

Ahhh l’examen aural! Definitely one of the more feared areas of the French exam at both levels- surveys show that 90% of Irish students swear that the average French person has a faster speaking voice than other European countries. Yet to be proven.


I’ve sifted through the most recent Leaving Cert aural exams and plucked out the more difficult vocabulary and translated it. Remember that a French vocab copy is absolutely essential- so many of the exam marks account for a good level of vocab so every word really counts!

2015 Paper:

Faire des économies: I save

Commode: Convenient

Avoir soif de: To thirst for/ desire something

Un oreiller: A Pillow

Les tempetes: The storms

Lancer: To launch

Les moteurs de recherche: Search engines

Etre derangé: To be disturbed

Se bagarrer: To fight

Retenir en otage: To be held hostage



Se perdre: To get lost

Avoir quelques ennuis: To have some troubles

Attraper: To catch (eg a train)

Avoir tort: To be wrong

Oser: To dare

Le role principale: The main role

Serveur: Waiter

Soucis: Worries

La poubelle: The bin

Une lourde amende: A heavy fine



Louer: to rent

Par correspondance: By mail

Timide: Shy

Inquiete: Worried

Quitter: To leave

Inoubliable: Unforgettable

Les bêtes: Beasts

La récolte: The harvest




Un séjour linguistique: A language course

Toute seule: Alone

Améliorer: To improve

Plus a l’aise: More at ease

La guerre: War

Ainés: Elders

La conseillère d’orientation: The guidance counsellor

Contrôles routiers: Checkpoints

Réagir: To react

Les averses: The showers

Cacher: To hide

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